"Dedicated to promoting the training of retrievers as hunting companions and field competitors, as well as to the education of handlers and trainers."


In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Upper Island Retriever Club has been thankful to be able to have hold two hunt tests and one field trial this summer and early fall  at Swamp Dog Farm. A huge thank you to Barb Loree and Kathy Miner for allowing us to use their property during these challenging times. 

All the events were very successful both in success/fun with dogs and with cooperation by all involved in following the COVID-19 guidelines put forth by the Upper Island Retreiver Club and Swamp Dog Farm.  

Planning for 2021 is underway - please stay tuned for more information. 


Thank you to Kim Chester for her great job on the newsletter! Please take a look. 

Our apologies for the accidental omission of two dogs and handlers that titled this summer: 

Cider & Sylvia Lawson - Senior Hunter

Case & Bill Pearson - Master Hunter


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